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Who it is I am

I'm a libertine with a conscience who refuses to acknowledge a distinction between work and play, who believes that you don't get the days back and therefore aspires to embrace the eternally messy present for what it is; a gift. And all gifts should be shared.

Within this framework I'm also a dad, an angel investor, a business owner, deeply passionate about the visual arts, music, literature, technology and politics (the degrees of interest aren't equal and what's posted here is a fair barometer of what captures my attention), and a dedicated philanthropist.

Do I contradict myself? Very well, then I contradict myself, I am large, I contain multitudes. - Walt Whitman



Updated 09/19/2012

Board Member: Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center "Whenever someone asks me where I studied art, I always say it was at Hallwalls." - Cindy Sherman

Former Board Member: No Longer Empty: No Longer Empty redefines public art through temporary site -specific exhibitions that draw together the vitality of the contemporary art world and the values of building community.

Owner: Fast Orbit, LLC



Owner/Investor: Wireless-NRG: Innovative consumer, commerical and industrial applications using unique solar technology.  Stay tuned for the imminent introduction of the Lillypad (Kudocase) for IPad, IPad2, IPad3.

Owner/InvestorVeenome - a video enabling platform translating video content into machine-readable data for superior organization, publishing, searching and monetization.

Owner/InvestorSocial Prize: Social Prize is a new way of sharing that makes it easy for you to share what you like with your friends and win. For the everyday business owner, Social Prize evens the odds by making it a snap for you to use social sweepstakes as a cost-effective means to get the word out about your business and grow your customer base.

Smart Tools.  Safer Kids
Keep your kids safe from bad guys and bullies online and on the mobile phone.

Projects & Participation

Updated 09/19/2012

Loan: Oded Hirsch's 50 Blue to Art Miami's curatorial project CONTEXT, December 2012 (curated by Julia Draganovic)

Collector-level Member - Issue Project Room 

Sponsor of Hallwalls
Fall 2012 Music Program

Nora Ligorano/Marshall Reese: Morning In America Ice Sculpture at the RNC/DNC Conventions

Composer Poul Ruders: New Symphonic Music (including a solo piano commission)

Channeling Coltrane: A concert video of "Electric Ascension"

Grammar: A documentary film about Jason Moran

Even Though the Whole World is Burning: A film about the life and work of Poet Laureate, two-time Pulitzer winner, and environmental activist W.S. Merwin.

George: A feature length documentary on George Maciunas, the founder and impresario of Fluxus, the radical international art movement.

Electronic Arts Intermix Benefactor
Founded in 1971, Electronic Arts Intermix (EAI) is a nonprofit arts organization that is a leading international resource for video and media art. A pioneering advocate for media art and artists, EAI's core program is the distribution and preservation of a major collection of over 3,500 new and historical video works by artists. For 40 years, EAI has fostered the creation, exhibition, distribution and preservation of video art, and more recently, digital art projects. 

Sponsor: Kreppa: A Symphonic Poem about the Financial Situation in Iceland
By: Örn Alexander Ámundason, Performed by Metropolis Ensemble, Andrew Cyr, Artistic Director/Conductor
The Armory Show 03/07/2012 The Wall Street Journal Media Lounge

Sponsor of Hallwalls
Winter 2012 Music Program

Sponsor of Hallwalls
Fall 2011 Music Program

Richard Garet (refer to post)
Espacios No-Euclídeos
Curated by Laura Bardier
11 August - 30 October 2011
EAC – Espacio Arte Contemporáneo
Montevideo, Uruguay

Steve Swell's Nation of We Recording: "The Business of Here"

Producer (one of thousands) of the upcoming 2011 film: Lemonade: Detroit

Contributor: +Pool: A Floating Pool in the River For Everyone

Challenge grant to the Metropolis Ensemble for the recording of composer Timothy Andres on Nonesuch Records Fall 2011.  (Supporting contemporary composition is critical to the health of the culture and visionary Director Andrew Cyr is a living, breathing exemplar of leadership.)

Sponsor: No Longer Empty's About Face art exhibition May/June 2011

Sponsor: Hallwalls Artists & Models 2011 - RAPTURE/RUPTURE May 2011

Principal Benefactor NMC Recordings

Donor of artist Kate Gilmore's (a tireless, fearless creator with a limitless imagination) "Blood From a Stone" to the Brooklyn Museum 2010.

Bedrock financial support for the Cecil Taylor / Tony Oxley 2LP limited edition recording "AILANTHUS / ALTISSIMA bilateral dimensions of 2 root songs" on Triple Point Records.

Sponsor of composer Mayke Nas and artist Joe Diebbes at the 2010 Liverpool Bienniel.

Sponsor of numerous Hallwalls concerts including: Cecil Taylor's 80th birthday performance, Evan Parker & Ned Rothenberg, Henry Grimes solo, Chicago Underground duo, etc.

Commissioned Composer Frederic Rzweski's "Peace Dances" as part of pianist Sarah Cahill's project "A Sweeter Music."

Causes & Contributions

Updated 08/03/2012


The Woodshed at the Jazz Gallery

World Food Programme

Jazz Foundation of America

Wordplay: Celebrating Buffalo's Youngest Writers

Join My Village: a click-to-commit social change initiative that gives you the power to inspire charitable donations from companies to women and girls in Malawi through CARE.


Buffalo Olmsted Parks Conservancy

It Gets Better

Catalog Choice

Village Enterprise Fund

This Week in Tech's (TWIT) new studio

CMH Counseling, Buffalo, NY


Mercy Corp

Food Bank of Western New York


No Post Best Post

A year
of queerness
for an unheard
fallen tree

No post best post

Syllables axing vowels
left roots of rotted

If I beggar an
a, e, i, o, or u,

New post sprout read post?


Thoroughly Dug

Now Dig This: Art & Black Los Angeles, 1960-1980 MOMA PS1"Now Dig This" at MOMA PS1 is a damn fine exhibit.  The sculptures and assemblages of Melvin Edwards, John Outerbridge, David Hammonds, Dale Brockman, etc. are a marvelous nexus of the political and artistic without sacrificing the important qualities of either. 

On through March 11, 2013



Stalking the weather, part 3


Good morning Cal!  What’s it like to get ass fucked by a chick?  Sandy’s her name, ain’t it?  Tough to maintain your placidity when you’ve been raped by a gal?  Geez Cal, I know it’s not kosher to ask what foolish words you might have uttered in your willful naiveté or to suggest you were asking for it, but I’d be lying if I weren’t jubilating just a wee bit (whoop-see: wee, piss, rain, water - childish, I know).  Be happy to dial the crisis hotline for ya, but I’m guessing all we’ll get is a busy signal.   

Yeah, you deserved it and I hope you don’t forget it!  Consider it a blessing in disguise.  A wake up call.  Cal, you’ve been worshiping at the alter of false equivalency while having the brass to call ol’ Walt...what were the words now, let me think...”obsessed!,” “el loco!”  It’s easy, gutless, when calamity’s a distant stranger, when you’re flipping through disaster porn on Instagram.  Now you’re the extra in a snuff film.   

Who’s the philistine Cal?  It’s penance time and the imposed daytime darkness the perfect ambience.  (Anyhow, the dim bulb in your skull is the one most in need of electricity.)  Repeat after me: Hysteria is a form of self-defense.  Hysteria is a form of self-defense. 

You fell for the delusive “fair and balanced” trope.  Perhaps in some small sense were victimized by it.  They are slick motherfuckers.  I’ll grant you that.  Contest almost anything with enough cash and coercion and mirabile dictu you’ve got a “debate.”  All of sudden every douche bag with a pen or opinion fills the airwaves with magical thinking.  I hope Sandy’s broken your spell.  

Ok, sermon’s over Cal.  I'll Fedex a tube of Anal-Ese.  Keep it on your mantle as a reminder the next time you feel the urge to tag me as a lunatic. 

Stalking the weather, part 1
Stalking the weather, part 2


Hudson River Park


In Hudson River Park
bricks abut stone 

Manicured granite
adjoin meticulous lawns

Terra firma of hexagons befriend 
right angles and wooden planks

Toddlers howl in laughter or tears 
brightening wide the eyes 
of widows held tightly
by dark skinned women
attuned to other hardships

Passers-by float on a
beclouded canvas

A tableau of flesh and thread,
a symphony of cheer and woe
suspends time long enough
for me to imagine
the warmth of a lover's caress

That I too have a 
place to call home -

until the unforgiving 
autumn wind
forebodes winter's
theft of refuge.


Saturday morning midtown pillow


Installing Stephen Ellis be continued

Stephen Ellis, Untitled, 2012

Stephen Ellis, Untitled, 2012 (living room view)


"The best way to predict the future...

Monk At 95: World Financial Center, 10/10/2012 to invent it." Scientist Alan Kay

Kay's wisdom has me musing on Thelonious Monk's 95th birthday this past Wednesday, Oct. 10th.

The well intentioned folks at Arts Brookfield, counting down (or is that up?) to Monk's centenary, presented a diverse group of pianists at World Financial Center's Winter Garden with the intention of celebrating his indomitable vitality.  

Sadly, most of the artists, talented and well intentioned, missed one of Monk's axiological principles: make it new.

Kneeling at the altar of his legacy is inadequate. Monk spent his creative years toppling shrines and expected others to follow suit.

In Monk's singular cosmos veneration is commensurate with radical originality applied to the lexicon of his off-kilter rhythms and melodies and discharged with sublime economy.   

There are two artists who've recently released recordings that succeed in paying homage through the filter of their individuality: pianist Alexander Von Schlippenbach and soprano saxophonist Sam Newsome.  

Drop me a note and it'd be my pleasure to spread the gospel on my dime.

 For "In the beginning, God" go directly to the widely available source (simple as googling his name).

I suggest a dual pilgrimage.

Monk was ass backwards in many ways...and I mean that as the highest compliment.

"You've got to dig it to dig it, you dig" - Thelonious Monk

My post on Monk at 94


The Jester's Chapeau (for Elena)

The Jester's Chapeau (for Elena)



The best predictor of
future behavior
got the best of me,
again, last night

Imperfect Aphrodite
shining shimmery blond
in the moldy chaparral of last
century’s gilded lard

pirouetted like a ballerina
amidst the глупость of
let them eat cake decor
and blusterous leaden chatter

until I could see her eyes,
benignly grin at the crook in her nose,
and feel Koalemos place atop my crown
the jester’s chapeau


Jubilant against geriatric opposition
Emboldened by whiskey's fortitudinous mirage
Staggered by the glare of her sunlit acuity
Admiringly disdainful of her need to self-protect

I, as Icarus, set alight
by antics in excess
of impotent charms

watched her exit in haste
number deleted,
shredded business card
to the table tossed

I went to bed dreaming
it was fire proof


Purgatory, day 9, a confessional

A nice place to visit

The ex is vacationing in Paris.  I'm back at the old house.  The one I used to own.  Now hers, deservedly so.  

I’m on son, bird, and dog duty in an 18th century village right out of a Norman Rockwell painting.

This idyllic hamlet with bucolic vistas, cobble stone streets and one of the country’s last five and dimes (founded 1930) is a breed unto itself.  Distinctly not an exurb.  Proudly so.  

Diminutive and contented.  A damn fine place to raise a kid if you’re of a particular persuasion.

It’s where mowing the lawn and raking and piling fall leaves 4, 5, 6 times a season provides a man with metaphysical continuity (“dig in the earth, delve in the soul” so to speak) and filling coolers with ice cold beer for football after obligatory Sunday mass is a sacred ritual not to be trifled with under penalty of excommunication.  

My damnation was preordained.  Had no chit-chat gene.  Couldn’t gracefully slide into a conversation amongst a group of neighbors walking the kids to school or saunter into a backyard barbecue.  Was inept in the art of front porch gossip.  Christ, to this day I don’t know how to grill or properly light a fireplace.  I’d as soon weed the shrub beds as feed the dog. “Tight end?” “Wide receiver?” Uh, I ain’t thinkin’ sports.  Unforgivable, I know. 

Was awkward for my wife and son to say the least.  The passage from oddity to outcast was swift.

Long story short, I moved out, Malachi, my son, survived (dare I say - with pride and anguish - is thriving) and the bird and dog moved in.  Probably best for everybody.  You know what they say, it’s a nice place to visit but I wouldn’t want to live there.


My hogareño, Junot Diaz!

Junot Diaz, This is How You Lose Her

Pulitzer Prize winning Motherfucker Junot Diaz (oh don’t worry, he’d approve, he’d encourage, he’d be proud) just won another big enchilada! - a MacArthur. The GENIUS award. That’s 500,000 dineros spread over five years to further contemplate the Dominican Republic’s triumphs and travails, blow it on llello, spend hours pondering the universality of the human condition or pad a stash of mujeres in style.

Something strange is going on inside me. Something unseemly, delicious, vulgar. An ecstatic delirium of politically incorrect swagger. It’s just plain wrong. Oh god! please don’t let it end.

I’ve just finished Diaz’ new collection of short stories This is How You Lose Her and his literary juice is pulsing through my veins like blood during the stiffest erection.

"Plenty of people talk about of having a flow, but that night I really heard one, something that was unbroken, that fought itself and worked together all at once."

I might be the whitest cocksucker north of the equator but reading this book has darkened my skin, given me at least the illusion of stepping in rhythm, and I’m using Spanish in all kinds of dumbass ways (I called a Latina friend a “puta” thinking it meant something fly but the only thing that flew was her shoe as she pointedly informed me it meant “whore.” You ever been hit in the head with high heels? That shit hurts.)

In context, outta context, I can’t stop riffin’ like the little white boy who wants be the big black rapper. Diaz has made me envious of the main protagonist, Yunior - and you ain’t seen tragic till you’ve met this redeemable perdedor. It’s irony in overdrive.

"Man, he muttered, she’s so fine I’d lick her asshole and tell you niggers about it."

Diaz’ has got me gleefully flippin’ the bird to his more serious subtexts. (No, read the goddamn book and enumerate em’ yourself, I’m not riskin’ my dick going limp just yet.) The layers of meaning are thick, the soil rich. And though I can sense the erosion underneath my feet and know the reality of the too-true-to-life struggles of the immigrant experience will start to sink in, his stories are so slathered in wicked humor it’ll be weeks before I discover I’ve committed mortal sins in a whole buncha diasporas.

"Instead of lowering your head and copping to it like a man, you pick up the journal as one might hold a baby’s beshatted diaper, as one might pinch a recently benutted condom. You glance at the offending passages. Then you look at her and smile a smile your dissembling face will remember until the day you die. Baby you say, baby, this is part of my novel.
This is how you lose her."